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Zoo photography: how to photograph animals at the zoo

How to photograph animals at the zoo: Zoo photography

Apart from doing photography work I normally do, portrait photography and events, I also enjoy going to zoos.
Getting the good photos in a zoo is something I see a lot of people struggle with. So I’ve set out to write a book about photographing animals at zoos, aquariums and parks and so on.

Zoo photography

Zoo photography
(den Lille Dyrehagen – the Small Zoo)

Do you have any questions about zoo photographing?

Don’t hesitate to send me an email or put your question below if you have any questions or suggestions on topics you wonder about or think others will want to know.


Some of the topic I’ve put in my draft (not complete list)

  • What equipment is required
  • Camera settings
  • Camera technique
  • What other things to bring
  • Planning
  • Zoo resources online
  • What time of day and year
  • Legal issues
  • etc

    zoo photography

    Bring not only camera for your day at the zoo, but some food too.

zoo photography

If possible put the lens inside the fence, but be aware of danger, like the electric wire here 🙂


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