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Next book – Princessina

My next book will be of Norwegian model Princessina.
She is a Suicidehopeful model, more of her work can be found at Suicidegirls.

Princessina - next book project

Model: Princessina

I have shot with her twice before, had hoped to shoot with her last summer, but we really never had any summer last year, so that never happened πŸ™
Did make up for it just recently, we had a long and awesome shoot and all those photos will be available in a book and ebook.

This will my 14th book, but for some some reason or another the first with a Norwegian model. There is no particular reason for this apart from the fact that I live quite far from everything and everyone so just as easy to travel elsewhere for shoots. Weather is also not the most stable, unless one is looking for shifting weather with a stress on cold and rain…

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Sexy Latvian Models: Vicky: – New Paperback

Sexy Latvian Models: Vicky: – New Paperback


On Amazon now is my latest paperback and ebook of Sexy Latvian models; Vicky

This book has also been translated into German.

The ebook is, as always, available for free for Kindle Unlimited users.
In addition, those that that buy the paperbacks can freely download the ebook version afterwards. I don’t like to pay for stuff more than once and presume no one else does.


Sexy Latvian Models: Vicky out now in paperback

Sexy Latvian Models: Vicky out now in paperback


English on

German on


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Want to work with me as a model?

Preamble: Everything below can be negotiated or changed over time πŸ™‚

Want to work with me as a model?

Not all photographers or models have same goals or guidelines as how they work, what type of work they do and what they use or want to use the work for.
Just had a shoot more or less settled when it suddenly became clear that we had totally different ideas of how the images were to be used.

So I’d thought I’d like to make a rough outline on how I work with models and what terms they are.

For all shoots:

I prefer to work outside if weather permits it.
I will gladly send low rez edited photos to my models, but I’m to be credited and photos are not be be edited, cropped or changed in any way by the model.
I can supply alternative versions if the model should require it.

I will not give raw files to anyone.

I use a contract, it can be supplied in advance should anyone want to check it.

I can host a travelling model.

18+ years of age.

Want to work with me as a model?

Want to work with me as a model?
Model: Vicky

TFP (time for print)

How the photos are to be used and what sort of photos we take are agreed upon in advance.
We can both use the photos from the shoot that have been edited.
I’m to be credited and photos are not be be edited, cropped or changed in any way by the model. I can supply alternative versions if the model should require it.

Paid (I pay the model)

My main purpose to shoot with a model is to use the photos. Currently that is in books and ebooks which I publish, but I reserve the rights in the signed contract to use for all purposes.
Currently I have no great need for pay-only models that don’t shoot at least art nude.

I prefer, but not a rule set in stone, to work with models that can pose themselves, bring ideas to the set and that are open to ideas. I like to create work together with a model.

Paid (model/client pays me)

Some models want photos that they can use commercially or other use that limits what I can use them for, then this is a regular paid assignment.
More on what I charge here (In Norwegian)

Please do contact me with information or questions you might have:


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Cold pool shoot – BTS

This February the model Sinba, my wife and myself traveled to Gran Canaria, Spain
The aim of the trip was naturally to photograph Sinba, but also just vacation for all of us.

I had been on the island once prior to this so had some basic knowledge of the island, but little of details was planned ahead as there are always things that don’t go was planned, like one of the first shoots. We knew there was a pool where we stayed, but it wasn’t heated, so that didn’t turn out quite as I had planned before we arrived to check the water…

Cold pool shoot – BTS (Behind the scene)

Here is a video I put together showing some of the things that are said and done at such a shoot. Next time we try to do this I better make sure ahead of time that the water will be warm πŸ™‚


I plan to upload more of these BTS videos in the future, when possible I will post them on Youtube.

“Angel Share” Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

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