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“Why does this book cost so much more than that previous book?”

Here is a question I’ve been asked a few times, so I thought I’d answer that.
The answer is really simple, the larger the filesize of an ebook is or the number of pages a printed book is the more it cuts into what I’m left with.

There are some thresholds that I have to be within. For a printed book there is a base cost of printing and this increases with the number of pages.
For ebooks it works the same way, the larger the filesize of the ebook is the more Amazon deducts from what they pay out.

My newest paperback is 92 pages, the first I gave out was 38 pages. That should explain it?

I try to set the price of the books so that I earnings are more of less about the same amount of money from each book. I’m not increasing price on my books due to I’m selling more, but for the simple reason the last few books I’ve published have contained more material.

My newest book, the first one of 2017, is from the trips Sinba had to Norway in 2015

The Adventures of Sinba: Norway

Die Abenteuer von Sinba: Norwegen

And if anyone are curious if the tittle indicates that this will be a series, then yes 🙂
I have plans for at least 2 more. Later this year I hope to have one from our trip to Gran Canaria


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Back from another photography trip to Riga, Latvia

My goal originally was to complete my photography book from my trips to Riga before I returned, but the work takes a little longer than I expected, not that I’m in a very much of a hurry, but I did had hoped to bring copies with me. I expect I’m roughly halfway done, or perhaps a bit further. I will not include any work from this trip in the book, nor will I edit many of them before I’ve completed the book… That is a goal at least, I’m known to keep such “promises” I tell myself 🙂

Although he wasn’t with me physical on this trip, my good friend George Groot, is in many ways “responsible” for this trip as not only did he introduce me with two of the models I was lucky to work with, but he also gave me a tip on a photography studio I hadn’t heard of before; Yeko Photo Studio. I used the studio twice during the stay. Was very happy with the results and service I got.

Model: Sinba

Model: Sinba
MUA & Stylist: Ramona Lazda
Shot in studio

Model: Lita Lote

Model: Lita Lote
Model: Lita Lote
MUA & Stylist: Ramona Lazda & Linda Akmenlauka
Shot in Studio

While I was there another photography friend of mine was also in Riga and shot in another studio, we didn’t work together this time, but we met each evening and talked about what we both had done and looked over a few unprocessed photos, but mainly we just went out and had a meal and could talk photography for hours without anyone presents getting bored out of their minds 🙂

The photos I didn’t shoot in the studio was shot in the apartment I rented. I prefer renting apartments instead of hotels, not only do I find hotels boring and too predictable, but I do prefer to have a bit more room. I like to walk to the kitchen and make myself something to eat in the evening, and then walk to another room and eat it, not sitting in one tiny (or sometimes not so tiny, but still just one or two rooms). The cost of renting an apartment in Riga is way less than a hotelroom cost back home so…
How do I find apartments you might ask. Lately I’ve used Airbnb (if you use this link you’ll get a discount when you book with them, and so do I 🙂


Model: Candice

Model: Candice
MUA & Stylist: Linda Akmenlauka
Shot in apartment


Model: AliseElf

Model: AliseElf
MUA & Stylist: Linda Akmenlauka
Shot in apartment

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“How can I easily buy your work?”

Was recently asked if a photo was available as a print and that got me to revive my account at Fine Art America where I’ve had an account for a few years, but never really uploaded much to it.
They offer “Canvas Prints, Framed Prints, Acrylic Prints, Metal Prints, Posters, and More!” and this even includes shower curtains 🙂

Alternative ways to buy my work

This isn’t the only way to license the rights to use a photo of mine or to order prints, but I will put more effort to this solution and will put many of my older work in here as well.
So if you enjoy my work and have thought you’d like one of my photos on a wall, why not try it out?

If there are any work you can’t find on on my Fine Art America account, please don’t hesitate to contact me and I will see what I can do.
Some of my work are not meant to be sold to anyone, so I can’t guarantee a sale will be possible.


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My two weeks in Lviv, Ukraine

I recently traveled to Lviv, Ukraine to attend a 2-week intensive course of Ukrainian language and culture in Ukrainian.
Wrote a little about it before I went there, and here is some thoughts on how it was.

My goal for this trip was to learn the alphabet and to be able to go to somewhere to eat and do it without having to just point and grunt, but make myself understood in Ukrainian.

I was the only student at my level, the lowest possible :-), and cannot praise my teacher, Solomija Buk, high enough. What a skilled, and patient, teacher.
Our classroom were in one of the many cafes and restaurants in Lviv. We spend a lot of time reading the menu so I could try to order it in Ukrainian. Most of the time this went fairly well, with some bewildered and/or pleasant smiles from the waiter and waitresses. During my 2 week stay, I never had anything but positive interactions with anyone.
All the training was adapted to me in ways I didn’t foresee or demand. When I told my teacher I hope to be able to order from menus, I didn’t expect us to actually go to out the very next day and try it out. This way of taking care of me during school and a few practical issues from activities I had planned on my free time left me almost speechless at times. I just know I have to return.

Links to the school:





One observation from the result of this trip was on my way home I made this observation:

What is the price difference between a bewildered Norwegian on a taxi from the airport vs one armed with the phrase “скільки в аеропорт” heading to the airport? Paid 1/3 🙂

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Nothing bad with this trip to Ukraine at all?

Actually there were, one I anticipated and one was halfway expected.
On the return flight home I had to land in Oslo before heading for my final destination is always really, really annoying. Why they still haven’t managed to: a) fix it so you don’t have to go thru customs in with ones bags, then check in the bag again aaand yet another security check… or b) have a system when one book that says “avoid this this and that airport”…

I flew with Lufthansa from Oslo to Munich and then to Lviv. No Gluten free food on board, got a banana instead of a sandwich once, but rest… 🙁

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навчання українських – Lære Ukrainsk

Lære Ukrainsk

навчання українських - Lære Ukrainsk


“Hvordan kom du på den ideen?”

“Hvorfor ikke Russisk?”

Den første helgen i februar drar jeg til Lviv, Ukraina for å delta i et 2 ukers intensivt språkkurs.
Grunnene til dette flere, men den viktigste grunnen er at på mine reiser til Latvia så har jeg jobbet med flere som har snakket ganske dårlig engelsk, og da hva er mer naturlig enn at jeg prøver å lære meg et slavisk språk? Latvisk vurderte jeg først, men det er jo ikke så veldig mange som snakker Latvisk totalt i verden. Videre vurderte jeg Russisk og den eneste egentlige grunnen til at jeg ikke valgte Russisk er at jeg tenkte det ville være enklere å overtale kona at jeg måtte dra til Ukraina enn Russland 🙂

At jeg måtte dra til et land hvor språket prates i var helt soleklart for meg, i år er det 30 år siden skoleåret jeg hadde i Watertown, N.Y., og erfaringen min derfra, hvordan en kunne sluke til seg av inntrykk og språk gjorde at det var ikke et spørsmål om jeg skulle dra, men hvor.

Etter å ha studert litt fant jeg ut at jeg burde dra til den vestlige delen av Ukraina for der er det flest som prater Ukrainsk, mens Kiev og Odessa skal ha mange Russisktalende. Lik skulle jeg ha lært Norsk så ville ikke jeg ha reist til Oslo, kunne jo ha blitt veldig forvirret av alle Svenskene som bor der 🙂

“Er dette en fototur eller språktur?”

Det kan bli litt mer enn den ene avtalen jeg har med en modell som tar den lange turen, Ukraina er ikke et lite land, fra Kiev, men i hovedsak er ikke dette planlagt som en fototur. Da ville jeg nok ikke ha reist i februar 🙂

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Bokprosjekt – “Riga I – VI”

I august 2013 dro jeg til Riga i Latvia for å lære meg å fotografere mennesker. Jeg deltok som eneste deltager på en workshop, for å lære som fotograf å jobbe med mennesker. Før dette hadde jeg i svært liten grad tatt bilder av mennesker, men heller fokusert på landskaper.

Tiden var nå inne for å utfordre meg selv kraftig. Jeg søkte og fikk tildelt et kulturstipend fra Lund kommune, og dette gjorde at jeg kunne returnere til Riga sent i desember 2013 for videre opplæring.

Jeg har vært tilbake i Riga to ganger i året siden da, og hatt besøk av en modell fra Latvia to ganger. De siste gangene har det vært lite med workshops, men mer jobbing på egenhånd med modeller og make-up artister.

Jeg vil gjennom denne boka prøve å vise utviklingen både når det gjelder det å ta et bra bilde, og prosessen i etterkant.

Jeg vil inkludere bilder som ikke er blitt vist før. Teksten i boka vil bli på engelsk.

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