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“How are your books selling?”

How well my Nude Art books and ebooks are selling is by far the most asked question I get in person. Yesterday was a big milestone for me, as of that day I’ve had 50 […]

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Year in review – 2017

Year in review – 2017 Main photography events this year was the two trips I did with Sinba, first in February to Gran Canaria and then we went to Italy in October. The Gran Canaria […]

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Where to next

Since I just returned from a vacation trip, even if it was just a weekend, I’m debating with myself where to go next..   Doesn’t look like I’ll have time to go on a new […]

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Amazing Models: Aijule

Amazing Models: Aijule   On Amazon now is my latest ebook – Amazing Models: Aijule This book has also been translated into German, but there aren’t that many words in this or my books…. German […]

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She had it coming – music video

Sometimes things just snap. She had it coming – music video When I heard this music the first time it was just after I had booked the flight to Riga and made a reservation to […]

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Sexy Latvian Models: Candice

Sexy Latvian Models: Candice   On Amazon now is my latest paperback and ebook of Sexy Latvian models; Candice This book has also been translated into German. In addition to the book I also recently […]

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Adventures of Sinba: Gran Canaria – Part 1 – New BTS video out

From our trip in February I just released a new BTS (behind the scenes) video on youtube. Adventures of Sinba: Gran Canaria – Part 1 This video shows some of the places we did some […]

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I’m leaving 500px

I’m leaving 500px, or at least, really slowing down my activity there. The place I started posting photos was on Flickr, a few years later I also joined 500px, but I can’t say I ever […]

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“How can I buy your books in India?”

I have no exact number of how many times I’ve been asked “How can I buy your books in India?”, but it’s substantial. “How can I buy your books in India?” What I’ll show below only […]

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Princessina: A Norwegian Beauty – Hardcover and ebook!

Princessina: A Norwegian Beauty is out now as hardcover and ebook. This is my second hardcover book, printet by Blurb and, just as Naked Latvia, the hardcover will be available on a number of places, […]

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