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I left Fine Art America

After I recently left Fine Art America ( I gave a lot of thought to if I should try to get a new site to offer prints, and it seems I found a place: […]

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Nikita Gokhale Nude in Norway

Nikita Gokhale, an Indian actress, model and beauty pageant titleholder, came to visit me in the late summer last year. We had a great day shooting and now the ebook is finally out. There aren’t […]

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PopSocket portraits available

If you don’t have a PopSocket yet and live in the USA, I have made a couple available on Amazon. As far as I know one can only order these on the US Amazon site. […]

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Why black and white portraits?

“Why are 85% of your photos black and white?” a good friend of mine recently asked. “I’m sorry it’s not 100%, but some photos I just feel works better with color” I replied, but judging […]

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Year in review – 2018

Year in review – 2018 When I look at what my goals for this year were and what I actually did I must say I accomplish most of them, but not all to the degrees […]

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Going full time

I’m going full time as a photographer Today I handed in my resignation for my IT job. I thought it will be very fitting that my last day will be on 31st of March 2019 […]

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Pavla – out now

Pavla, my newest book is out now in paperback & ebook My 17th book is now available as a paperback and ebook. This book stands out in a way from my previous books in two […]

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What to do with the rest of the photos….?

As you might know, I have for the last couple of years focused on publishing my work in books and ebooks on Amazon. Lately, I’ve been giving a lot of thoughts to what to do […]

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Some danger involved

When I get a camera in my hands I tend to forget some things, like safety concerns… Some danger involved Although I do work in a studio as it has a very appealing advantage; not […]

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New BTS video with Sinba

Just released another BTS video with Sinba in Gran Canaria This video has Age Verification turned on as it’s Not Safe For Work (NSFW)… unless you work somewhere awesome 🙂 Adventures of Sinba: Gran Canaria […]

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