Preamble: Everything below can be negotiated or changed over time ๐Ÿ™‚

Want to work with me as a model?

Not all photographers or models have the same goals or guidelines as to how they work, what type of work they do and what they use or want to use the work for.
Just had a shoot more or less settled when it suddenly became clear that we had totally different ideas of how the images were to be used.

So I’d thought I’d like to make a rough outline of how I work with models and what terms they are.

Want to works as a model with me?
Want to work as a model with me? Model: Sinba

For all shoots:

  • Art nude, as a minimum unless I’m paid for the work
  • I prefer to work outside if the weather permits it.
  • I will gladly send low-rez edited photos to my models, but I’m to be credited and photos are not to be edited, cropped or changed in any way.
    I can supply alternative versions if the model should require it.
  • I will not give unedited files to anyone.
  • I use a contract, it can be supplied in advance should anyone want to check it.
  • Female, 18+ years of age.
  • I can host a traveling model. 
    I live in a place called Moi, Norway. There is a railroad station here for models that enjoy train travel.
  • My closest airports: Stavanger (Sola – SVG) Kristiansand (Kjevik – KRS)

    TFP (time for print)

    How the photos are to be used and what sort of photos we take are agreed upon in advance.
    We can both use the photos from the shoot that have been edited.
    I’m to be credited and photos are not to be edited, cropped, or changed in any way by the model. I can supply alternative versions if the model should require it.

    Paid (I pay the model)

    My main purpose to shoot with a model is to use the photos. Currently, that is in books and digital downloads which I publish, but I reserve the rights to use the work captured and created for all purposes.
    Currently, I have no need for models that don’t shoot at least art nude.

    I prefer to work with models that can pose themselves, bring ideas to the set, and that is open to ideas. 

    Share of profit

    I love building real connections with the model. That’s why I’ve decided to offer a good deal to a select few – the chance to grab a slice of the profits from the work we do together. The exact percentage will vary based on the specifics of each project, but it can be at least 10% or more.

    As of now, this can be offered to select models that have an account on Bentbox, but other sites might be offered in the future
    If you have an account with Bentbox, or create one now with this link, just send me your account name and the reason you think I should offer this to you.

    I think this is a win-win – If the work sells really, really well, then I think the model should get a cut. This will be an automatic process and you get a little extra something for being awesome. For our previous clients who are interested in this offer for past projects, please let us know why you think you should be included. It could be that you’ve previously promoted our work, or you have another compelling reason. Let’s make some magic happen!

    This does not mean I will not pay a model fee. It’s meant to be a bonus… unless you, the model, want to do content sharing.
    Do note that this isn’t an automatic “right” models have when they work with me. I reserve the right to say no.

    Paid (model/client pays me)

    Some models want photos that they can use commercially or other use that limits what I can use them for, then this is a regular paid assignment.
    I might be open to content sharing.
    More on what I charge here (In Norwegian)

    Will I be famous?

    Naturally, I can’t promise that, but my work is seen.
    From my printed books, digital downloads, to my YouTube channel the work is spread and I do link to social profiles, etc if the model wants that.

    Please do contact me with information or questions you might have:

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