Scarlett Dawn – Art nude model in Florida

My new book; Scarlet Dawn- Art nude model in Florida, is out now as an ebook and paperback. This is my 19th photobook.The paperback version is available in many bookstores, the ebook is Amazon only. […]

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My YouTube channel took off in 21 days

From 449 subscribers to 5 000 in 21 days from one video My YouTube channel ( has never been my main focus. My idea behind the channel is to show a bit of behind the […]

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I left Fine Art America

After I recently left Fine Art America ( I gave a lot of thought to if I should try to get a new site to offer prints, and it seems I found a place: […]

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Nikita Gokhale Nude in Norway

Nikita Gokhale, an Indian actress, model and beauty pageant titleholder, came to visit me in the late summer last year. We had a great day shooting and now the ebook is finally out. There aren’t […]

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PopSocket portraits available

If you don’t have a PopSocket yet and live in the USA, I have made a couple available on Amazon. As far as I know one can only order these on the US Amazon site. […]

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Why black and white portraits?

“Why are 85% of your photos black and white?” a good friend of mine recently asked. “I’m sorry it’s not 100%, but some photos I just feel works better with color” I replied, but judging […]

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Year in review – 2018

Year in review – 2018 When I look at what my goals for this year were and what I actually did I must say I accomplish most of them, but not all to the degrees […]

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Going full time

I’m going full time as a photographer Today I handed in my resignation for my IT job. I thought it will be very fitting that my last day will be on 31st of March 2019 […]

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Pavla – out now

Pavla, my newest book is out now in paperback & ebook My 17th book is now available as a paperback and ebook. This book stands out in a way from my previous books in two […]

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What to do with the rest of the photos….?

As you might know, I have for the last couple of years focused on publishing my work in books and ebooks on Amazon. Lately, I’ve been giving a lot of thoughts to what to do […]

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