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Kenneth Gjesdal
Photo: Kai Hanssen

Photography began for me in 1985 when I, as an exchange student, bought my first proper camera (this was ages before digital cameras) and took a photography class at Watertown High School, N.Y.
Working in the darkroom, I was experimenting with different techniques that I either had been taught or just let my imagination come up with. For me it was all new stuff, but, of course. all had probably been done by others plenty of times..

I kept shooting for a couple of years afterwards, even borrowed some equipment so I could turn my bedroom into a darkroom.

I’ve never been able to take things in moderation, so when I felt I had to slow down my photography because of the cost, I more or less quit seriously taking photos until I bought my first DSLR in 2009 (Nikon D60), upgraded my equipment slowly and shot more and more.

What I photographed was more or less everything except one thing: people.

In June 2013 I was asked to photograph a dance performance for one of the local newspapers. It dawned on me that this was what I wanted to photograph, instead of avoiding working with people; this was exactly what I felt I was meant to do.

I felt the need to get a kick start with working with people, so I started to look for a workshop. I did some research and found “Fashion & Body photography workshops” in Riga, Latvia.

Two months later I sat on a plane and began my photographic journey.

feel free to contact me: kenneth@gjesdal.org

I aim to have all books translated into several languages, but at least German. My books and ebooks not available in every local store around the world, but that isn’t because I don’t want anyone in India, for instance, to have access, but local laws and regulations that stop me.















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