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“I should bring a model here” – photo vacation trip

“I should bring a model here” – photo vacation trip

The last couple of years I have repeatedly thought to myself “I should bring a model here” when I’ve been traveling on vacation or just a regular work related trips.
A few years ago I told myself to take more chances and follow my crazy ideas, that combined with a very supportive wife, things happen πŸ™‚

A few days ago I asked my wife “how about you, I and a model travel to the Canary islands in February? We could rent a car and drive around shooting and relax at the beach and so on?”
Wife looked at me and asked “who do you have in mind?”
Sinba” I replied.
Wife thought this over for the tiniest second and then nodded and said “yes, that sounds like a good idea. Do you think she wants to?”

She did want to join us on this photography vacation trip. She said she was going to start packing already πŸ™‚

It was a bit of a puzzle to find a place where I could get planes to co-ordinate, but I found out that the most suitable place was to go to Gran Canaria, were wife and I have been once before, in 2012. That is actually 2 cameras ago… The photos shown here are from that trip and they were shot with a Nikon D5100.
Roque Bentayga

We didn’t travel that much when we were there last, just a tourist buss trip, this time I will rent a car so we can get around a bit.
I will not plan everything down to detail about where we’ll go, but I do some research. Apart from the obvious shots near and on beaches there were quite a lot of interesting landscapes and nature that I think will work our really nice as a setting.

El Faro, Maspalomas #302

El Faro, Maspalomas

Meloneras #303


wife and palm tree #307

wife and palm tree

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“Can I re-edit and post photos of yours”

"Can I re-edit and post photos of yours"

Photo in question. Model: Lin Mars

I have been asked a few times by painters and illustrators if they could use my work as inspiration for some of their work. Today a photographer contacted me and asked me this question:


I have re-processed one of your images, I would like to publish to share with you, for your comments and feedback. Can I have your permission to share one image ? – I will pass you my edited version – for you to add to your profile, if you want. Thanks and you have a Great Portfolio… πŸ™‚

My reply to “Can I re-edit and post photos of yours”

Hi!Β  Actually I do mind. As soon as I saw this background I wanted to shoot the model (Lin Mars) in front of it. I have given permission to a few painters and illustrators over the years to make their versions of my photographs, but I’m not OK with photographers doing that.
If I or you see a photo or a painting by someone else and we bring parts of that into the work we do our selves that is perfectly fine and natural, but I’m not ok with anyone doing anything with my photos and then publish it.
Hope you don’t feel I’m difficult, but we all have our own quirks πŸ™‚

Please don’t get me wrong, I don’t have any bad feelings about the the person that asked me this. Fair question, asked very politely and a lot of people are fine with this, but I’m not.
Later on he he responded by asking if he could e-mail his version. I didn’t think what he did to the image had any benefits and I really don’t care too much about exercises like this. I do know that quite a few do like this way to improve ones skill and to get a different opinion. What I feel I can get a lot of information is when I work alongside another photographer and then have a look at what a slight, or large, different point-of-view or angle does to the image. Those crucial decisions in the field or in a studio have given me quite a few eye openers.

What are your views on this? Think I’m a bit difficult?

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