My experience with ClickASnap – FAQ

My experience with ClickASnap – FAQ

As one of the photographers with the most views on ClickASnap I rather frequently get asked some questions about the site and my experiences with it.
Since I’m rather lazy I’ll try to answer some of the questions I frequently get about the site and point them all to this page 🙂

ClickASnap issued a press release about the best and most viewed photos of 2021. Mine is the second one.

Disclosure: There are affiliate links on this page, and I should mention that back when I first heard of ClickASnap I liked the idea so much I bought shares in the company.

Does ClickASnap really work?

I’ve been a paying member of the site since 8.8.2017. It took a while before I broke even, but now I’ve passed that milestone. All my earnings have been from views. 
I know others earn money from physical products, but so far this hasn’t been something I’ve focused on.
I have just recently started selling digital copies, and might add more prints in the future.

How much do I earn from ClickASnap?

The pay I get from the site is not enough to live off, but it does pay and it more than covers my subscription.
I have a little over 500 photos on the site and currently only upload 2-4 photos to the site each month. The main reason for this is other responsibilities occupy my time and due to the current situation, there it doesn’t really make sense to travel. I do hope and aim to shoot more when things ease up.

Current earnings and views are:
176.7K views which give me an earning of $618.75Most viewed photo on ClickASnap
Currently (January 2022) the most Popular photo on ClickASnap
Quite a few other of my photos are also on the page of most viewed photos

How to succeed on ClickASnap?

In my view, these are the most important steps one must take to get views and from that earn money.

Upload high-quality photos
Make sure you post good quality images that people would want to see. ClickASnap is not like Facebook or Instagram, where you would upload casual photos of your daily life, such as pictures of your lunch

Provide descriptive titles and descriptions
This is crucial for search engine optimization (SEO) as it helps Google understand the content of your photo and display it to interested viewers. An effective title should describe the scene in the photo, e.g., “Woman laughing while eating ice cream” is better than just “Woman laughing.” The description should be written in a natural language, without stuffing keywords unnaturally. Make it engaging and interesting

Keep viewers engaged
A well-written description will help keep visitors on your photo page longer. If a view lasts over 5 seconds, it is counted as a view, and you can earn between 0.1¢ and 0.9¢ (USD) per view depending on your membership level. Note that these rates have increased over time, so it’s best to check with ClickASnap directly for the most recent figures[].

Further steps one can take to succeed on ClickASnap

Engage on the site, in a positive manner. Don’t beg or try to game the system as your account will be banned.

Link to your post on social media, websites and so on. The more natural activity you can get the more views you get.

How often should I post on ClickASnap?

My photos and views as of 22th of May 2023
As you can see here I don’t post photos that often. Had I had more time I should absolutely post more often (currently 1 or 2 a week), but if you have a choice between quality over quantity then go for the former!
(Screenshot taken on the 22nd of May 2023)

What are ClickASnaps rules on paid views?

The rules can and will change over time so better check on the site itself. Paid Per View Policy

Are there any drawbacks to ClickASnap?

As a nude art photographer, the site obviously has some limited use for me, which is why I still use Flickr.
For some photographers, I guess this might be a good thing and for others bad.
I wrote a thing about my Flickr and ClickASnap use here

Did I miss something important about ClickASnap?

Please write to me if there are some aspects I didn’t cover here.

Why should I care about what you say about ClickASnap

There really isn’t any reason apart from the fact that I’ve been a member for quite some time and I’ve been rather successful on the site.
My photos have been doing rather well on ClickASnap, especially in my chosen category “Portrait” as can be seen from a screenshot I took on the new site on the 8th of Jan 2023.
The blacked-out photos are other people’s photos and I don’t want to step on their toes.Popular - Portrait as of 8th of Jan 2023

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