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Want to work with me as a model?

Preamble: Everything below can be negotiated or changed over time πŸ™‚

Want to work with me as a model?

Not all photographers or models have same goals or guidelines as how they work, what type of work they do and what they use or want to use the work for.
Just had a shoot more or less settled when it suddenly became clear that we had totally different ideas of how the images were to be used.

So I’d thought I’d like to make a rough outline on how I work with models and what terms they are.

For all shoots:

I prefer to work outside if weather permits it.
I will gladly send low rez edited photos to my models, but I’m to be credited and photos are not be be edited, cropped or changed in any way by the model.
I can supply alternative versions if the model should require it.

I will not give raw files to anyone.

I use a contract, it can be supplied in advance should anyone want to check it.

I can host a travelling model.

18+ years of age.

Want to work with me as a model?

Want to work with me as a model?
Model: Vicky

TFP (time for print)

How the photos are to be used and what sort of photos we take are agreed upon in advance.
We can both use the photos from the shoot that have been edited.
I’m to be credited and photos are not be be edited, cropped or changed in any way by the model. I can supply alternative versions if the model should require it.

Paid (I pay the model)

My main purpose to shoot with a model is to use the photos. Currently that is in books and ebooks which I publish, but I reserve the rights in the signed contract to use for all purposes.
Currently I have no great need for pay-only models that don’t shoot at least art nude.

I prefer, but not a rule set in stone, to work with models that can pose themselves, bring ideas to the set and that are open to ideas. I like to create work together with a model.

Paid (model/client pays me)

Some models want photos that they can use commercially or other use that limits what I can use them for, then this is a regular paid assignment.
More on what I charge here (In Norwegian)

Please do contact me with information or questions you might have: kenneth@gjesdal.org


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“I should bring a model here” – photo vacation trip

“I should bring a model here” – photo vacation trip

The last couple of years I have repeatedly thought to myself “I should bring a model here” when I’ve been traveling on vacation or just a regular work related trips.
A few years ago I told myself to take more chances and follow my crazy ideas, that combined with a very supportive wife, things happen πŸ™‚

A few days ago I asked my wife “how about you, I and a model travel to the Canary islands in February? We could rent a car and drive around shooting and relax at the beach and so on?”
Wife looked at me and asked “who do you have in mind?”
Sinba” I replied.
Wife thought this over for the tiniest second and then nodded and said “yes, that sounds like a good idea. Do you think she wants to?”

She did want to join us on this photography vacation trip. She said she was going to start packing already πŸ™‚

It was a bit of a puzzle to find a place where I could get planes to co-ordinate, but I found out that the most suitable place was to go to Gran Canaria, were wife and I have been once before, in 2012. That is actually 2 cameras ago… The photos shown here are from that trip and they were shot with a Nikon D5100.
Roque Bentayga

We didn’t travel that much when we were there last, just a tourist buss trip, this time I will rent a car so we can get around a bit.
I will not plan everything down to detail about where we’ll go, but I do some research. Apart from the obvious shots near and on beaches there were quite a lot of interesting landscapes and nature that I think will work our really nice as a setting.

El Faro, Maspalomas #302

El Faro, Maspalomas

Meloneras #303


wife and palm tree #307

wife and palm tree

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Location portrait photography

Location portrait photography vs studio portrait photography

Advantages of Location based vs Studio based photography

Advantages of location based portrait photography

  • unique looks, but does demand one search out new locations or use them in different ways / angles
  • easier for client or model to relax. An empty studio with few, if any, things to interact with can be a bit intimidating
  • the light outdoor can give one a lot variation to the results, all depending on the time of day, season and weather
  • the cost. If one does not have a studio freely available, then there is the advantage of don’t have to pay to rent a studio
  • unexpected sets (can of course also be an disadvantage, if sets are not as expected)*
  • Locations can add interesting structure or provide “natural” props*

Advantages of studio based portrait photography

  • control of light is much easier in a studio and if one really know what look one wants, then studio is a very good choice as everything can be controlled
  • weather is not a factor one needs to take into consideration
  • privacy is not an issue if one works in a studio. Not everyone feel comfortable if a lot of people stare at them, so being indoors can help
  • no need to drag all equipment with you. If you have a lot of lenses and props you want to use in a shoot or not quite sure what to use, it can be a bit difficult to leave something behind
  • shorter way*

* = expanded based on feedback πŸ™‚

I do spend quite a lot of time doing location scouting. What I normally look for is somewhere with a new, distinctive look, as secluded as possible, but not too far to walk. I do have a lot of equipment at times and the client or model also often bring with them a number of items, change of outfits, make-up, water etc.

Some examples of location portrait photography

Here is the place the example photos were taken. I’ve used this spot quite a lot last few years.
It’s not too far from where I live and it’s very close to the main road, but quite secluded in the summer time. Only negative with this place is that it is quite cold as it’s shaded by the mountains most of the day.

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