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Nacktes Lettland (German Edition of Naked Latvia)

Nacktes Lettland (German Edition of Naked Latvia) – now available Die Entwicklung und der Fortschritt, die Kenneth Gjesdal, ein Portraitfotograf, über 3 Jahre (2013-2015) in seiner Arbeit mit extrem talentierten und sehr schönen Models aus […]

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Next book – Princessina

My next book will be of Norwegian model Princessina. She is a Suicidehopeful model, more of her work can be found at Suicidegirls. I have shot with her twice before, had hoped to shoot with […]

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Year in review – 2016

Year in review – 2016 When this year started I had a few ideas what I’d like to do, but I can’t recall anything other than “I want to do more” as a goal. I […]

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“I will need a bookshelf for my published books”

I just got notification from Amazon that my own copy of my first paperback is on it’s way. “I will need a bookshelf for my published books” Now there is a thought I’d never thought […]

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Naked Latvia – Hardcover book – now available on Amazon

Naked Latvia – a hardcover book – now available on Amazon The development and progress Kenneth Gjesdal, a portrait photographer, has achieved over 3 years (2013 – 2015) working with amazing talented and beautiful models […]

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Zoo photography: how to photograph animals at the zoo

How to photograph animals at the zoo: Zoo photography Apart from doing photography work I normally do, portrait photography and events, I also enjoy going to zoos. Getting the good photos in a zoo is […]

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Location portrait photography

Location portrait photography vs studio portrait photography Advantages of Location based vs Studio based photography Advantages of location based portrait photography unique looks, but does demand one search out new locations or use them in […]

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Back from another photography trip to Riga, Latvia

My goal originally was to complete my photography book from my trips to Riga before I returned, but the work takes a little longer than I expected, not that I’m in a very much of […]

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Editing portraits – what I most often need to edit

What I most often need to edit.. The little things What I actually spend most time on when I edit portraits are not what people might think; the face or re-sculpture the body (something I […]

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Bokprosjekt – “Riga I – VI”

I august 2013 dro jeg til Riga i Latvia for å lære meg å fotografere mennesker. Jeg deltok som eneste deltager på en workshop, for å lære som fotograf å jobbe med mennesker. Før dette […]

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