Nova Amour – Art nude model in Florida

Nova Amour – Art nude model in Florida

In April 2019 I traveled to Florida and had a few shoots.
This is the result of one of those amazing days, working with an incredible talented model; Nova Amour.

Photos Studio used

This was the first of two days spent at Cypress Creek Studio which is sadly defunct. It was such an inspiring location, where one had an equally fantastic indoor studio as outdoor place that I immediately said I’d like to come back on another trip and use that place again. Sadly it closed a few months afterward.

All photos here are black and white, but in the book and ebook I have included color versions too for those that prefer it like that.

This is my 21st book.
The ebook is now live and a paperback version will be out shortly after.

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Ger Amazon –


Nova Amour got photobombed 🙂
(This photo is not part of the book)

YouTube – BTS video

A BTS video will available on my YouTube channel later.
My BTS videos are available in this playlist.

Model: Nova Amour
(This photo is not part of the book)

Photo gallery of Nova Amour

Some of the photos included in the book below

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