Nikita Gokhale Nude in Norway

Nikita Gokhale Nude in Norway

Nikita Gokhale, an Indian actress, model and beauty pageant titleholder, came to visit me in the late summer last year. We had a great day shooting and now the ebook is finally out.

There aren’t that many Bollywood actresses that pass my way and certainly not that many that are comfortable posing nude, but this did happen.

The paperback versions are online.

In this ebook I have included all the alternative edits, mainly color versions, in a bonus chapter.

BTS video

Personally I usually prefer black and white, but I know many have different views, so no reason not to include them.

US Amazon:

German Amazon:

For my Indian friends, that might wonder how they can buy the paperback when it comes out I have written what I know about the subject here:

Prints and other physical fan items

Many different print options available

I have some items with Nikita for sale for those that prefer prints or other items on my Redbubble account. Links to the images available so far of Nikita

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