Stock video, a new venture

Stock video, a new venture

I recently quit my part-time job to focus more on my photography, but I also wanted to do more video.
When I shoot video I constantly think about b-rolls footage, actually often more than the video itself.

Recently I came across and joined BlackBox, a site that will distribute the stock footage to several stock agencies (Pound5, Shutterstock, Adobe Stock, and Storyblocks)
In essence what they would like to offer their clients are interesting b-roll footage, so for me that just clicked.

Membership is free, they do take a cut of 15% from sales, but with all the work associated with submitting to 4 different sites, all with slightly different ways of submitting, their service is more than worth it in my view.

The appeal for me is that is another stream of passive income. Getting paid for work I’ve already put some effort in doing and that no one else tells me what do shoot, but I do have to consider what people actually need and want. 

If you want to set up such an account, and it’s free, please consider using my referral link, it will help me a bit and cost you nothing if you’d like to join.

The best part of this platform is that it’s not just for producers, it’s also set up for people that curate other peoples work, and models can get paid directly to their paypal account from the money earned. Less work involved in tasks like this is always appreciated.

Quite a lot of information about the services offered on their FAQ page. Do recommend reading it.

Just to be clear if anyone wonders if I’m done with working with models: 


This is just something else I enjoy and I hope to learn a lot more that will aid my “normal” photography and especially my video work.

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