Sinba – Latvian beauty

Sinba – Latvian beauty

Sinba is a model I’ve worked with quite a lot, both in Latvia and on a few trips. I will try to answer a few questions and provide as much information I can here.

This page will be updated as I’m far from over with editing and publishing in one form or another all the work I’ve done together with her.
Hopefully, I’ll work with Sinba more in the future.


Currently, ebooks and paperbacks are not available.
Later I will get printed books available. There will no longer be ebooks, but they will be available as digital downloads from BentBox.

From our next book. Shot in Italy
From our next book shot in Italy

Where can I find more of Sinba?

This is a question I get asked very often and one that I hope to answer here.
I will only list the work that we have done together, most of her work since 2015 when we worked together for the first time have been with me.


Flickr is where I post most of my work that people can access for free.
Flickr is free to join. You’ll need to join and enable what they call “Restricted” in order to see my nudes there.

My album on Flickr where I post photos of Sinba
My Sinba Flickr album

I also post non-nude work on a site called ClickASnap, but there I also post other work as well.


I have a YouTube channel where I mainly post behind the scenes videos (BTS videos) from the photoshoots I do. Here is a list of all the videos I have and will have with Sinba:

Playlist on YouTube of BTS videos with Sinba


There are currently 3 books where is she either has a major part or just of her. All published as printed and ebook (no ebook version out in Russian yet) Listed are the printed versions.

Naked Latvia – published in English, German and Russian

Digital Downloads

From BentBox

Prints and other physical fan items

Many different print options available

I have some items with Sinba for sale for those that prefer prints or other items on my Redbubble account. Link to the items with sinba here

What are the links to her model social media accounts?

Unfortunately, Sinba does not have time to deal with all the requests for her attention by fans. If anyone professional wants to pitch an idea please write to me and I’ll send it to her if I think it might be of interest to her. Email:

Can I model for you like Sinba?

Yes, if you are 18+ years old and female.
More on what I’m looking for and some conditions

But I want more, for free!

See what you did there? You made Sinba sad!

Seriously, we can’t pay for trips, rent or anything with likes and “I’m your biggest fan” If you want more than buying the books it will help a lot.
For those that really want to help a donation would be highly appreciated

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