The Adventures of Sinba: Gran Canaria

The Adventures of Sinba: Gran Canaria

The Adventures of Sinba: Gran Canaria

The ebook contains 2 small bonus chapters, first is a section of alternative edits, the second are candid vacation shots I took.
Those that buy the paperback on Amazon should be able to get the ebook version for free.

Please let me know if such bonus chapters are of any interest. If so I will do more in later books. The ebook is about 20 pages longer than the paperback.
I didn’t want to go way overboard with this, but if I get requests for it I’ll do it in later books where I have material for it.

The paperback has a wider distribution than previous paperbacks, not only available on Amazon.

The ISBN numbers for this book are:


English version

  • ISBN-10: 1987589955
  • ISBN-13: 978-1987589955

German version


  • ISBN-10: 1717135560
  • ISBN-13: 978-1717135568




The ebook is, as always, available for free for Kindle Unlimited users.
In addition, those that buy the paperbacks can freely download the ebook version afterwards. I don’t like to pay for stuff more than once and presume no one else does.

When the ebook is done I will edit another Youtube video and post it in this playlist.



English on

German on



This is the second book in this series, the first book in this series of travels with Sinba.

The Adventures of Sinba: Norway
The Adventures of Sinba: Norway



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