Another Riga trip over…
Model: Aijule

Another Riga trip over…

My 9th trip to Riga, Latvia if I still can count.

Another Riga trip over

This was, and just like on my first visit 5 years ago, during Riga day. So the city was packed with people that had come to celebrate and party.
Where did I stay? Dead center of Old Town… “oh no, I’ll never get any sleep” I thought to myself, but I actually had no problem. Even slept with windows open.

The Good

Finally got to use Osy studio. I’ve been wanting to use this studio for years, but since it’s not open during winter season, and not available other times, it hasn’t been possible before.
It really lived up to what I thought it would be, and I didn’t explore a fraction of the place.

Most of the models I worked with this time I had worked with before, one new: Rebeka. The shoot with Rebeka was a short one at the end of a very long day.
I also got to know two new Makeup Artists: Baiba Fröhlich & Liene Petersone

Day 1

  • outdoor shoot with Aijule
Model: Aijule

Day 2

  • Body paint shoot with Sinba
Model: Sinba
MUA: Liene Petersone

Day 3

Model: Rebeka
MUA: Sinba



The Bad

Had a model that didn’t show up. Apart from me directly wasting quite a bit of money on studio rent and Makeup Artist for those hours, I also missed out on a shoot.
Adding all those things up, and the loss of potential income from this… grrr
I do hope to learn a bit from this, like not booking a huge studio with models I haven’t worked with before or that I really don’t know much about.

The Ugly

Coming home via Oslo Airport is always bad, but this new domestic transfer system they have… It’s really bad, if possible I would have avoided Oslo Airport at almost any cost for those that needs domestic transfer.

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