Changing what I post on Flickr
Photos marked with a red are my photos..

Changing what I post on Flickr

I have changed what I post to Flickr.
Everything not related to my portrait photography I will put on my ClickASnap account

there are 2 main reasons for this.

Most people that are following me on Flickr these days are mainly interested in my portraits, both the nude and the non-nudes.
And since I’m quite happy with how Flickr works and ClickASnap does not allow nude photos, I’ll post my portraits there. That said I must add that I do post less and less of nudes there as I prefer to put the photos in my books and ebooks. The reason for that should be obvious, there are expenses that I need to cover. Neither gear, travel nor model fees is paid with likes 🙂

A lot of websites I feel are abusing the fair use of the photos that people post on Flickr. There are quite a few websites out there that take data from various open sources and mix these together and they do not add anything into the mix, just the hard work done by others. Photos from Flickr, maps from Google, etc, and then they make a site where 2 or 3 such open sites are used, and then they’ll get revenue from ads. Sometimes I’ll see a photo of mine used to illustrate an article that someone used. I do feel that is quite different from the example below.

So now I upload them to ClickASnap instead and get paid when people view them!

Stolen photos

This site and similar have not stolen and uploaded my photos, don’t get me wrong.
That is a far more serious problem, and currently, I have two such cases in progress with Pixsy

Changing what I post on Flickr
Photos marked with a red are my photos. Think this is a bit over the top

When I read about ClickASnap and the idea behind it, I not only signed up, but I purchased shares in the company. 

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