Riga trip number 10?

Riga trip number 10?

If my math correct, I just returned from my 10th trip to Riga.
This time I saw a lot more of the country so now I think I can say I’ve actually visited Latvia and not “just” the capitol.

Two days were set aside for road trips, we went north from Riga on one day and southwest the second day we traveled. 
Both these days were with models I’ve shot on several occasions before. 

All the shoots I had I aim to publish a book and ebook as usual for each of these shoots. The only exception might be the shoot I had with AliseElf, that was rather short, and since I haven’t made a paperback from the ebook I made of her I think I will expand the ebook and then create a paperback version from the two shoots we’ve done.

There will also most likely be a BTS video from all the shoots, apart from one.
Just towards the end of the shoot with Pavla my camcorder died on me and my GoPro was at the apartment, on the other side of town. Just hope the videos turn out ok.

My BTS videos can be found on youtube

When will we see more results from this trip?

I will not promise anything, because things might get in the way, but since I quit my 2nd job and that takes effect at the end of June, I will have more time available for photography and editing.

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