Reviews – Thank you very much all who help me with that

Huge thank you very much to all the people who have given me a review!

I’m so grateful to all those that have taken the time to write reviews or feedback on various places online, that I just wanted tell you all what that means to me.

First of all I can learn from the feedback and secondly the extra buzz given to my work will make it more likely for others to see it.

There is one category I particulary don’t like, but might be very valuable to me and it should be for others that also receives feedback, but it might not be the one most would think.


This is at time of writing the latest review on Amazon, sorry for the FB thumbs, but I wanted to post this on my FB page too


The 2 persons that have given me a 1 star on Amazon I have absolutely no problem with in any way. Can’t expect everyone to like what one does, and secondly the people that read those and similar reviews other places and draw their own conclusions. For example if one reviewer more or less says “stay away, this isn’t the porno I thought it was” or “beware there are photos of nude women here”. Such reviews triggers “. I really can’t ask for better help as some potential customers will go and look at the 1 stars and read and realize this might just be the thing they want… or they will see that the reviewer is a troll, as I’ve had a couple of examples of.

What I really don’t like to see, but that can be potential the most helpful feedback i can get are the 3 stars. If they say exactly what was the reason for their verdict then I hope to learn from it, unless what they want to see more or less of that I can’t really see myself doing. One of the most useful review I’ve received was on my first ebook, and it basically said the book was too short. I realized that was really true and have after that aimed to provide more. Currently I aim to have at least 80 pages.


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