The Adventures of Sinba: Italy

The Adventures of Sinba: Italy

Paperbacks are not available any more, but I aim to release them later as hardcover

First I’ll release them as downloads on BentBox

More info on previous work with her can be found here on my site:

BTS – Videos

I’ve made one BTS-video from this trip some time ago. More will follow and they will be listed here.
Will link that here.

We just stopped to have a break, but saw we could have a quick shoot

Tourist shots with Sinba

We didn’t just work, we took time to be tourists.
There was no room in the book for all those shots, but I will post some of them here.
These haven’t been edited in any fashion, but I thought some of you might like to see some of the places we visited just for fun. Alas, no nude shoots were attempted here..


The first place Sinba and I stayed in was a hotel near Civitavecchia.
We arrived late as we had some trouble with our car rental, and had to go back and forth to the airport to sort things out. It was partly fixed, but we got a car that was way too large for driving on the narrow roads of the old coastal cities of Italy. Now, a few years later, it’s sort of funny, but not there and then ๐Ÿ™‚

After this we drove down to Pompeii. That was a long drive, but wonderful to see the landscape in person and not just on TV / film.

A day with Sinba at Pompeii

We both really enjoyed our visit here, the place was huge. It took us many hours and we didn’t really see all of it.
This place and others offered to Skip the line tickets, but as we were in the off-season I declined the offers to get them from sellers we met on the way there.
The queue at the ATM machine (1 person) was longer than the ticket office had…

More info about Pompeii here on Wikipedia:

Tourist day with Sinba in Rome

The last day we had set aside for just enjoying the day and being tourists.
I had been here for an extended weekend a couple of years before, so I had some ideas about where to go. We seemed to enjoy the sights and food. Alas, there were some places where we couldn’t enter as Sinba had bare shoulders… Must admit that that blew my mind.

More explicit work with Sinba

There is a limit, which I don’t always understand, to what Amazon will allow, but sometimes I have more material than I really would like to have had in my books. The work I do that I’m pleased with, but can’t put in my books and ebooks I know some might want to see those, so I’ve started using BentBox as they seem to have the best set of rules when it comes to what content I can publish there.


I’ve split the set into two, one with color version and one with black and white.

  • The photos are high-resolution
  • Downloadable
  • License personal-use-download

First sets available on BentBox

Black and white version

Color version

Already I have some prints available on Red Bubble of Sinba, I will add more over time.

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