“Why does this book cost so much more than that previous book?”

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Here is a question I’ve been asked a few times, so I thought I’d answer that.
The answer is really simple, the larger the filesize of an ebook is or the number of pages a printed book is the more it cuts into what I’m left with.

There are some thresholds that I have to be within. For a printed book there is a base cost of printing and this increases with the number of pages.
For ebooks it works the same way, the larger the filesize of the ebook is the more Amazon deducts from what they pay out.

My newest paperback is 92 pages, the first I gave out was 38 pages. That should explain it?

I try to set the price of the books so that I earnings are more of less about the same amount of money from each book. I’m not increasing price on my books due to I’m selling more, but for the simple reason the last few books I’ve published have contained more material.

My newest book, the first one of 2017, is from the trips Sinba had to Norway in 2015

The Adventures of Sinba: Norway

Die Abenteuer von Sinba: Norwegen

And if anyone are curious if the tittle indicates that this will be a series, then yes 🙂
I have plans for at least 2 more. Later this year I hope to have one from our trip to Gran Canaria


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