“How can I buy your books in India?”

“How can I buy your books in India?”

I have no exact number of how many times I’ve been asked “How can I buy your books in India?”, but it’s substantial.

“How can I buy your books in India?”

What I’ll show below only seems to be my hardcover books. Since I don’t live and have not even, unfortunately, visited India, I can’t tell for sure what might work and not or how good these companies are. Please let me know if some of this doesn’t work or if anyone knows a better way in India or other countries that makes it difficult for various reasons to buy my books.

This seems to be working for some of my paperbacks as well not only my hardcovers. 
Update (May 2019): Seems that more and more of my paperbacks are now available from other sources than Amazon. My advice is to search the title of a book or my name as see if the book is available.

If buying my books will get someone in serious legal trouble I strongly advice not be tempted to buy my books. There are books and ideas that is worth fighting for, but I hardly can think my would be. As crazy as this might sound, my experience is that if I can think of something someone have already done it or will…. 🙂

My Indian Amazon profile will list the books that are for sale.


Here the English version of Naked Latvia is our example. Click the link underneath the Hardcover box.


How can I buy your books in India - resellers
Here is an example of the different re-sellers, some seem to have a better reputation than others. I would have studied what their customers say.



There might be other online or physical bookstores in India that one can order the Hardcover books as they have official ISBN numbers.

These are the hardcover books I have for sale.

Naked Latvia:

  • ISBN-10: 1367173469
  • ISBN-13: 978-1367173460

Nacktes Lettland (German Edition of Naked Latvia)

  • ISBN-10: 1389984516
  • ISBN-13: 978-1389984518

Princessina: A Norwegian Beauty

  • ISBN-10: 138982893X
  • ISBN-13: 978-1389828935

Other methods

I’ve been given a tip that some of my printed books are available from resellers on eBay. A search of my name gave quite a few results. Bear in mind I have no control over these resellers and how good a service they provide. Here is a list of those that a currently available on eBay


What about your ebooks?

If you want to buy or read my ebooks and you can’t find them then I’m afraid that I can’t currently help with that.
My ebooks and paperbacks on Amazon are exclusively published there. 
This might change in the future. 


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