Some danger involved
From BTS camera Can clearly see the risk here :)

Some danger involved

When I get a camera in my hands I tend to forget some things, like safety concerns…

Some danger involved

Although I do work in a studio as it has a very appealing advantage; not raining, I do prefer working outside and so does most of the models I’ve worked with.
Normally there are just so many more opportunities when working outside. In a studio, the biggest danger I’ve risked so far, have been almost fallen down a ladder.

The capture of this led to this blog post 🙂

Model: Aijule


Some danger involved - BTS
From BTS camera
Can clearly see the risk here 🙂 I will add the BTS video from this day when it’s done here:

As I was editing this photo of Aijule from our road trip in Latvia this summer, it dawned on me that this wasn’t really safe and that it really isn’t an exception, but rather a rule.
Do bear in mind that I don’t pressure anyone to do anything I wouldn’t do myself. The only exception to that that is that I do often ask models to go into water if we stumble upon it… I might not enter the water myself unless I actually have to to get the shot…


Told Sinba I had planned to shoot someone up here, but now that it is raining we can’t do that. “Why not?”…..
“you can fall, it is slippery” I tried… I lost

These were just a few of the situations Sinba was in when we shot for the book Adventures of Sinba: Norway

Another example with Sinba was during our trip to Italy, one place we stopped was quite steep, but at least it wasn’t slippery

Naturally, it’s not a requirement to work with me that you’d want to do dangerous stuff, but I think the models that have a sense of adventure tend to give the best results.
If despite this you’re a female model over 18 years old that’d like to work with me; check out this page.

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