Year in review – 2017
Princessina: A Norwegian Beauty - Hardcover book published this year.

Year in review – 2017

Year in review – 2017

Main photography events this year was the two trips I did with Sinba, first in February to Gran Canaria and then we went to Italy in October.
The Gran Canaria trip was, for me, a well-planned trip where Sinba, my wife and I had some ideas what to do and where to go.

I’m still editing photos from the Gran Canaria trip. I had hoped to get a new book out by now, but… It’s on its way, I am working on it, it just takes a bit of time due to distractions…

The trip in October to Italy, where Sinba and I went on a road trip near Rome and around Pompeii, wasn’t planned at all. We had both set aside vacation time to travel to Florida. That proved to be very difficult to organize. Getting tickets for both of us, from where we both live to Florida, USA. That wasn’t as easy as it should have been. We tried to get help, several travel agencies and airlines, but in the end we had to cancel. Getting tickets for both of us to Rome, Italy took about 15 minutes and that includes a bit of conversation between Sinba and myself…

Even if the trip wasn’t quite planned I think we got


I’ve have had in mind for a couple of years that I’d would add behind the scenes (BTS) videos and perhaps expand in general into doing video.
This year I started publishing some BTS videos, a few vlogs, and a music video. Shooting and editing video does have similarities with photography and photography editing, but at the same time so very different. 
The drawback of doing video is that there is more equipment to buy, a lot of time goes into editing and shooting video.



Other things I’m doing

Apart from client work, I do have other photography interests, here are two of them.

Stock photography

New for me this year is to submit selected photos taken from my travels to a couple of Stock photography sites.
This isn’t something I prioritize very high, but since I do like to shoot other things as well.
One of the sites I use is Dreamstime


Zoo photography

I’ve shot quite a lot of photos in of animals in Zoo’s over the years, and in 2017 I had a few visits to my local Zoo (2 hours away), but not as many as I had hoped, but I hope to do more in 2018.


My published work 2017

In 2017 I published 6 new books including one hardcover – Princessina: A Norwegian Beauty
I also had a lot of books translated into other languages, including last years Hardcover book: Nacktes Lettland: Eine fotografische Reise
I now have books translated into German, Spanish, Japanese and Italian. I’ve received the text to do French as well, but it’s all a question of time…
There are now 50+ ebooks, paperbacks and hardcover books with my name on.



Books published in 2017



I have a few things planned for 2018. 


Thank you

I would like to thank everyone that have supported me this year in any form, from those that have commented on my work on social media, shared my work, given me reviews on Amazon and other places where my work can be bought and to those amazing people who have supported me directly by spending real money on my work; I humbly thank you all.
I’m not naturally humble, but this if anything else can’t make me one.

Would also like to thank the amazing talents I’ve worked with, models and make-up artists. Thank you very much!

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