Reviews – Thank you very much all who help me with that

Huge thank you very much to all the people who have given me a review! I’m so grateful to all those that have taken the time to write reviews or feedback on various places online, […]

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Stock video, a new venture

I recently quit my part-time job to focus more on my photography, but I also wanted to do more video. When I shoot video I constantly think about b-rolls footage, actually often more than the […]

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Tasting my own medicine…

Not going to mention any names, because that would be quite rude, but over the years there have been quite a lot of artists in music that I’ve voiced my opinions quite hard and what […]

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Riga trip number 10?

If my math correct, I just returned from my 10th trip to Riga. This time I saw a lot more of the country so now I think I can say I’ve actually visited Latvia and […]

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The Adventures of Sinba: Gran Canaria

The Adventures of Sinba: Gran Canaria Update: Out in German and English in Ebook and paperback The ebook contains 2 small bonus chapters, first is a section of alternative edits, the second are candid vacation […]

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Amazing Models: Aijule

Amazing Models: Aijule   On Amazon now is my latest ebook – Amazing Models: Aijule This book has also been translated into German, but there aren’t that many words in this or my books…. German […]

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Changing what I post on Flickr

I have changed what I post to Flickr. Everything not related to my portrait photography I will put on my ClickASnap account there are 2 main reasons for this. Most people that are following me on […]

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I quit my job!

I quit my part-time job! I’ve had for nearly 8 years now, a part-time job that I really loved, working in a small cinema. There are a couple of reasons why I yesterday quit that […]

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“How are your books selling?”

How well my Nude Art books and ebooks are selling is by far the most asked question I get in person. Yesterday was a big milestone for me, as of that day I’ve had 50 […]

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Year in review – 2017

Year in review – 2017 Main photography events this year was the two trips I did with Sinba, first in February to Gran Canaria and then we went to Italy in October. The Gran Canaria […]

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