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New book out soon & New trip to Latvia planned

“When are you returning to Latvia?”
“When will you release a new book?”

Asked these questions a lot and normally I reply “soon” and “not soon enough” πŸ™‚

New trip to Latvia planned

When it comes to trips I try to plan those in a bit of time ahead, as I’ve got a lot of other obligations. So far this year I’ve had one week in Gran Canaria together with wife and Sinba.
I have not edited many photos from that trip yet as I published soon after that trip a book of the trips that Sinba had to Norway in 2015. Later this year I hope to release “Adventures of Sinba: Gran Canaria” πŸ™‚

Wedding dress shoot - Arucas, Gran Canaria

Wedding dress shoot – Arucas, Gran Canaria

I have a new trip planned to Latvia, and this time I hopefully will be there when it’s a bit warm. I’ve been there Spring, Fall and Winter, so now it’s time to visit it during the Summer πŸ™‚
There is so far only only on my list, but this one demanded a bit of attention to details. I’ll keep the details to myself for a bit longer, but will only say it involves Sinba and that it will be new for both of us and that it will be in August.


New book out soon

My last trip to Latvia was in November and from that trip I’ve published two books (Candice & Julia Zu) , I’m now working on the third from that trip: Bree Haze
I aim to have this one ready soon, but I’m so easily distracted …. There are also lots of paperbacks versions to publish, there seem to be a marked for them, especially in Japan.

 Last year I almost had no shoots during the summer in Norway as the weather was really bad. I’ve got new locations I’d like to try, but never did get a chance last year to try. I do hope for better luck this summer.

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Year in review – 2016

Year in review – 2016

When this year started I had a few ideas what I’d like to do, but I can’t recall anything other than “I want to do more” as a goal.
I did know and had started to plan for my trip to Ukraine, but up until I actually got there in February I did have this “what on earth have I got myself into“-feeling, which was soon replaced with “oh, man this is awesome“-feeling. Can read more about my trip here. I must admit that I’ve been a terrible student afterwards, but I do aim try to learn more as I feel an absolute pure joy when I manage to read a word here and there online, names of followers or descriptions on Instagram, Flickr and random images and text I spot online.

One very clear goal I had for 2016 was to make a printed book from my first 3 years of doing portraits and my work with some amazing models in and from Latvia.
What I didn’t foresee was that this actually turned into becoming my thing. I am currently working on my 10th book this year. Most of these book are so far ebooks only, but I hope to make them available as print as well.

While I was away in Riga this November the local bi-yearly cabaret did their shows. This year I really missed a great opportunity and honour: they did a skit where I, as a photographer, was parodied. Was told that it was filmed, so would like to see that.

My published work 2016

Most of these have been translated into German

2016 was a year I worked a lot with photography, but I shot far less than I’ve have done in years. There were two reasons for this, first reasons was the terrible weather we had this summer. The second reason for my seemingly lower activity was that I was editing… a lot. My hardcover book, Naked Latvia, took a lot of work, and when that was done I started on next book project and then next book project… oh. and just in case anyone wonders what is a low number of shots for a year: 14 000.


I really enjoy publishing books and I have plans on continuing doing so in 2017. I want to travel at least as much as I did in 2016, hope to get a chance to travel more, not less. First off is a trip to Gran Canaria with my wife and my muse: Sinba. This will be a combination of vacation and work. After this there are some additional travel plans, but tickets haven’t been bought yet and no date set. I do hope that 2017 will come with a few nice surprises just like 2016 did for me.

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“I should bring a model here” – photo vacation trip

“I should bring a model here” – photo vacation trip

The last couple of years I have repeatedly thought to myself “I should bring a model here” when I’ve been traveling on vacation or just a regular work related trips.
A few years ago I told myself to take more chances and follow my crazy ideas, that combined with a very supportive wife, things happen πŸ™‚

A few days ago I asked my wife “how about you, I and a model travel to the Canary islands in February? We could rent a car and drive around shooting and relax at the beach and so on?”
Wife looked at me and asked “who do you have in mind?”
Sinba” I replied.
Wife thought this over for the tiniest second and then nodded and said “yes, that sounds like a good idea. Do you think she wants to?”

She did want to join us on this photography vacation trip. She said she was going to start packing already πŸ™‚

It was a bit of a puzzle to find a place where I could get planes to co-ordinate, but I found out that the most suitable place was to go to Gran Canaria, were wife and I have been once before, in 2012. That is actually 2 cameras ago… The photos shown here are from that trip and they were shot with a Nikon D5100.
Roque Bentayga

We didn’t travel that much when we were there last, just a tourist buss trip, this time I will rent a car so we can get around a bit.
I will not plan everything down to detail about where we’ll go, but I do some research. Apart from the obvious shots near and on beaches there were quite a lot of interesting landscapes and nature that I think will work our really nice as a setting.

El Faro, Maspalomas #302

El Faro, Maspalomas

Meloneras #303


wife and palm tree #307

wife and palm tree

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